Reflections of Canada


Book cover photo: 'Smoke and Mirrors' by Nicholas Taffs.

On June 23, the Peter Wall Institute is releasing Reflections of Canada: Illuminating our Biggest Possibilities and Challenges at 150 Years. Canada’s leading writers, researchers, and public intellectuals peer into the country’s future in the provocative essay collection published in the 150th year since Confederation. You can register to attend the book launch on Eventbrite.

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Reflections of Canada—intelligent, passionate, provocativeis a book with opinions as diverse as Canada. Leading thinkers take a stand on some of the most pressing issues facing Canada as it turns 150. Reflections of Canada inspires the reader to form her own opinions on subjects as big and thorny as health and aging, technological change, arts and culture, climate change and resource use, Aboriginal reconciliation, and multiculturalism. Each piece explores how our understanding of critical issues has changed over the past 150 years, and includes a call to action for how we should grapple with them over the coming decades

A book of lively, respectful debate, Reflections of Canada reaffirms the place for public discussion of major societal questions. Read Better Democracyan excerpt by Maxwell Cameron. 

Accompanying the essays are several beautiful photographs that were submitted to our Re-Imaging Canada Photo Contest. The pictures were taken by photographers across Canada from Haida Gwaii to Yellowknife to Bloor Street in Toronto. You can see the pictures in our photo gallery